Thursday, February 28, 2008

To Do Today

I'm going to post today's "To Do" list here. I'll update at the end of the day with what I actually accomplished.

  1. Read the 30 books to the kids. (Sounds like a lot but isn't that much when you consider we can go through five at each nursing session.)
  2. Make Fin's learning poster and review.
  3. Review Dul's learning poster.
  4. Write meal list for the week.
  5. Clean boys' room.
  6. Do four loads of laundry. (I wish the washer would clean more than one blanket and towel per load!)
  7. Clean kitchen.
  8. Clean bedroom.
  9. Clean bathrooms.
  10. Clean dining room.
  11. Sew five diapers.
So, that's the list. Not too much to do but still quite a bit if you consider that Belle won't let me put her down very much during the day without crying.

*Update* It is 10:27 a.m. and I haven't been to sleep all night. So far I've only made two diapers and neither of those are very good. One I sewed the soaker in wrong, it is still usable but it is ugly. I messed up the elastic on both. Again, they are still usable but ugly. The diapers also seem kind of big so I'm holding off on making anymore. I've got to find my measuring tape and then I'll measure the baby when she wakes up. Then I'll cut the pattern down to be a better fit. I want it to have room but this looks like way too much. I'm going to try and nap with the baby (which means that she'll be up soon and I won't get any sleep.)