Sunday, February 17, 2008

Free Educational Songs

As a child I always loved "educational" songs. Really I had a deep love for music in all it's forms and educational music was an extension of that. Learning the fifty states in a song was a thrill. So now that I'm homeschooling my children I'm always on the lookout for new educational songs. I've recently found a great site. You can't save the songs but it has a variety of topics and clear, well-sung lyrics. Kids Know It

Another great site is Kiddie Records . It has songs taken from old kids' records and made into mp3 format. I've yet to check out all they have to offer but it seems like an excellent source for hard to find kids' songs of old.

Songs for Teaching is another great site. It has the lyrics for the songs so if you know the tune you can sing the song. As an added bonus they have songs in German (and a few other languages). Unfortunately they don't offer the full songs for free. You can either buy the cd or buy it in mp3 format. I've yet to buy any songs from them so I'm not sure of the quality but we like to listen to the clips.

NIEHS has patriotic songs, songs from movies, and children's songs along with the lyrics.

Kindersite is a page of songs from different sites. Some educational, some just fun songs.

Have Fun Teaching has just a few songs but they are originals that I have yet to find elsewhere.

Music Moz is a bunch of links to music sites. Some are good, some not so good but it is a good resource all the same.

Mama Lisa's World has a great collection of nursery rhymes and songs from around the world. It is the biggest collection of various language songs that I've run across to date.