Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still Hibernating But Shopping

The baby is almost three weeks old. We are doing very limited schooling right now, basically we're just reading books and going about daily life. I plan to get back to homeschooling when the baby is a month old, so a little over a week more of "time off" for us.

We love books and reading and since I'm trying to raise the children bilingually in German and English, I want to build a library for them in both languages. I've got a few sites that are good for buying books in foreign languages.

Multilingual Books This site sells more than just books and offers a diverse selection of materials.

Books Without Borders Specializes in children's materials with a few different languages. They sell videos and audio cassettes as well which is nice if you are looking for those type of materials.

Schoenhofs Has more materials for adults but there are some offerings for children as well. Very diverse in the languages that it offers.

German Amazon This is where I've bought my children's DVDs in German. This is Amazon's German site and it is all in German so you need at least a basic knowledge of German to navigate here. Keep in mind that the prices listed are in the Euro which means that if you are in the U.S. you'll pay around double the price listed for the item. Shipping is HIGH here, I once bought two DVDs and paid over $20 in shipping.