Thursday, October 09, 2008

Too Many Books, Not Enough Surfaces

LibraryThing is a wonderful tool. Some people are LT purists but I am not. I like to add books that we've just read as well as books that we own. Since a library of my very own isn't in my immediate future, I have to keep the number of books that I own down to a "respectable" amount. Meaning, just under the amount that causes the Husband to sign heavily and explain the reasoning behind a bookcase, with a look tired look in his eyes and his jaw set to fight.

I have two huge bookcases but they are packed to the limit and I have stacks of books around the place that I try to cram in corners so that the Husband doesn't notice. I need another bookcase, I'd really like three small ones for the kids' rooms, another big one for the living room, and a big one for my bedroom. Plus one of those shelf units that go above the toilet for each bathroom where I can put my "bath books" e.g. books that I don't mind getting damp while I'm in the tub. The Husband thinks that is a bit much but I'm hoping that if I add the bookcases one at a time he won't notice.

I like this bookcase with doors for school stuff. Puzzles/craft supplies/board games/etc. could all go in one of these (the four shelf one) and then be closed up so it isn't on display. I'd likely paint it though as I don't like my wood (or fake wood, in this case) that color.

My other bookcases are strong and big, obtained at a deep discount because of minor defects. I'd like to get something from Craigslist or something similiar but if not, this honey oak bookcase looks nice enough. The three shelf ones, mounted to the walls, would be great for the kids' rooms, and the big five shelf one would go into my room.