Thursday, October 23, 2008


73 words

Typing Test

Finally! For a little vocabulary fun, visit FreeRice when you're done trying to beat my score! There are different subjects, perfect for kids and adults alike!

Speaking of which, I think that the big present we get for the boys for Christmas will be a computer. I am not at all inclined to let them use my laptop and the old laptop that Husband was trying to Frankenstein just gave up the ghost. So I'm thinking that Husband can build them a fast little thing mainly for playing games and watching movies on. It will stay in the living room, of course, but they need to build up computer skills and I have a million cd-roms that I've collected at sales that I'm sure they'd love to play. Now I've just got to break it to Husband that they are getting a new computer when he isn't. I'd be up for getting him a desktop as well but a laptop just isn't in the budget. He won't like, nor agree, to that. Instead he'll try his little, "But this is ONLY four hundred dollars more!!!" speech and I don't feel like having that conversation so I'm not going to bring it up at all.