Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank Goodness for Banking Hours!

Dollar stores. The parents' best, and worst, friend.

I walked in with a goal in mind. I wanted to see if I could find a few puzzles. 50 pieces or less, so that the boys and I could put them together in one sitting. I walked out with three puzzles and a whole lot more. The stickler is that everything is a dollar so of course when happening upon something wonderful, one can't help but exclaim, "And only for a dollar!" as one gaily tosses it into the (already overflowing) shopping basket.

In my defense, I don't go to dollar stores often so if I don't buy something when I see it, it likely won't be there again the next time I go. However, my pocketbook doesn't appreciate that sentiment as I'm sure my bank account realizes since I had to beat a path straight to the bank to deposit some cash in my overdrawn account lest I get slammed with bounce charges because I didn't realize how much the bill was going to come out to be and didn't pay attention to the figure I paid until I made it out to the car and looked at my receipt to judge whether I'd been charged for the apple die cuts that hadn't seemed to make it to my bags.

Ahhh... The life of a mama.