Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Click to Donate and other randomness

I try to remember to go to the click to donate sites each day. So far I just have two, Click to Give and Click to Donate. At Click to Donate you can sign up and keep track of how much you've clicked. I've just found this one today from another blog, Saradippity's Knits and Stuff and signed up. They also have interactive daily actions which are cool. Today it is to give up the bottled water addiction. I'm going to try my best at that one. I rarely buy bottled water unless I'm out and about. We have a Brita water filter for the fridge instead as our tap water tastes like moldy dirt.

I'm wondering to myself why I have two separate blogs on this listing. It seems like a lot to keep up with... I'm thinking of merging the two. I wonder if Blogger has an easy way to do this or if I'll have to copy and paste, yet again. Simplifying my life seems nice right now. I'm under way too much stress at work, my hobbies shouldn't add to that.

And shop green while you're at it.