Thursday, August 07, 2008

Homeschooling Continues…

For this year at least, I've decided to continue homeschooling. I was just getting a little freaked out by seeing all of the back to school displays in the stores.

I've decided to sign Fin and Dul up for some classes this fall. Mainly I need them to have an outlet with more little kids. They have their cousins (who we need to see more because they love playing with them) but that's about it. Right now I'm thinking of signing them up for one class on one of my off days. I'm torn on whether I should sign them up for individual classes or if I should let them take classes together. I'm leaning towards signing them up for a science class. My choices are limited because I'm trying to keep the classes scheduled for my off days (due to my promotion I get three days off each week!) but there are a few classes that might interest them.

I was using Rosetta Stone online through my local library but they've discontinued the service so now I've got to try and find my Rosetta Stone discs. I'm going to have Fin and Dul use the German and Spanish discs and I'll do both of those and add French and either Japanese, Mandarin, or Arabic for myself. Live Mocha has lessons for a lot of languages but I think that they are geared towards adults and older kids, not preschool/kindergarten age.