Friday, July 04, 2008

Belle is Wearing Pigtails and the Boys are Writing

Today I put ponytails in Belle's hair for the first time! Her hair is kind of bald on the sides (wasn't always this way but she sleeps with her head to the side) so every time we've gone out her hair has been kind of odd-looking. Today I dressed her up in a cute new onesie and a pair of ruffled pants that I love and I decided to do her hair. At first I just put barrettes in but I really wanted to do ponytails so I searched out some little elastics that I bought for braiding my hair and put two ponytails in. She looks utterly adorable!

I bought some kindergarten-lined paper long ago and far away. I also bought preschool paper at the same time (basically the same as kindergarten paper but has a big empty top for drawing a picture) which we've been using. Today was the first day I put the kindergarten paper to use. I wrote out some words for Fin to copy and wrote out letters for Dul to copy. They are working on that now.