Thursday, June 05, 2008

We’ll Have Some Spanish With Our Letter of the Week, Please!

The baby will be three months in just a few days which means I'll be starting The Letter of the Week Nursery Program in the next week or so with her.

I've decided to officially add Spanish to our languages. I wasn't going to do it but we have so much access to Spanish materials and there is such a huge part of our population that speaks Spanish that it is just senseless to ignore it. Money is tight right now so I haven't been able to order books/music/dvds in German like I was planning on and there is no where that I've found, even in bordering cities, where I can buy materials in German other than the same old, dry textbooks. I'm still going to keep at German but it just makes sense to introduce Spanish as I can find a ton of stuff for that easily and free. So for each Letter of the Week book that I order from the library, I'll also order the Spanish version (easily done as the books are filled with popular hits).

We're studying dinosaurs right now. Each week or so we check out ten to fifteen books on the subject that we're studying. This week I've ordered:

  1. Dinosaurs All Around by Caroline Arnold
  2. The Visual Dictionary of Dinosaurs
  3. Dinosaur Valley by Mitsuhiro Kurokawa
  4. Where to Look for a Dinosaur by Bernard Most
  5. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs by Byron Barton
  6. Dinosaurs, Asteroids, and Superstars by Franklyn Mansfield Branley
  7. The Way to Draw and Color Dinosaurs by Don Bolognese
  8. I Wonder Why Triceratops Had Horns and Other Questions About Dinosaurs by Rod Theodorou
  9. Creatures of Long Ago: Dinosaurs by John Sibbick
  10. Origami dinosaurs by Yoshihide Momotami
  11. Drawing Dinosaurs by Jerome Goyallon
  12. If Dinosaurs Came to Town by Dom Mansell

So hopefully those will all come in soon and we can get started. The book that Fin and I are working on this week is Little Dinosaur by David Kinefield. I'm writing out the words on note cards for him and will also work with him on them each day. My goal is to work through a small book each week so that by the end of the week, he can read it with ease.

I have yet to find a homeschool planner that I've found meets my standards. I have three kids and I want to look at all three's work for the week in one blow. I did find one site with some cool planner pages but it isn't exactly what I want. So I think I might be drafting my own in Word when I can find the time.