Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Making Some Worksheets, Perhaps for My "Display Line"?

The week is half over! I hate kindergarten workbooks. The directions are idiotic and yet written out as if the child should be reading the one reading them. Circle this, underline this, write that, count those... Blah blah blah WASTE OF TIME blah. I believe I'm going to start making some worksheets online and just printing them out rather than continue wasting time on this refuse.

The Math Worksheet Site is where you can make individualized worksheets. You can also make answer keys if you like.

Tracer Pages from Kidzone makes tracer pages for you which is great for improving handwriting. You can make blank pages or include a theme which is a great time saver so you don't have to go digging through your clip art to decorate a holiday themed word list.

Handwriting Worksheets is another tracer page. This one has no themes included and really isn't that outstanding but it is just another option. I like having alternatives to my most useful sites in case the site I've chosen is taken down for one reason or another.

Worksheets form Homeschooling Adventures is a big list of links to worksheet pages, many ready made. Each link is given a small explanation to save you clicks.

In a fit of frugality I decided that I would start line drying all my clothing. The only problem with this is the fact that I live in an apartment. I quickly decided that I could put a line up in my "dining room" (no actual dining table resides there, basically it is the kids' playroom) and dry my clothes there. I rationalized that there is a ceiling fan in that room which would hasten the drying process. One load and many execrations later I concluded that my decision was one founded in pure stupidity and gave up the idea. I'd screwed the line into the wall and as I was angry I didn't take it down that day. When my husband came home and saw the line I didn't want to admit my mistake so I quickly proclaimed it my new "display line". I told him that I'd hand the children's paintings to dry and display on the line. He looked at me dubiously but didn't contest the idea and so the line has remained. He did find out the line's original purpose as I couldn't admit defeat after just one try and once again attempted to hang a load of clothing up and enlisted his help. The load took three days to dry.

The line does serve a lovely purpose now. I've hung up the boys' learning posters on the line and it will serve nicely when I gather the courage to allow the boys to paint.