Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm overdue to have this baby...

I'm due to have the baby any day now and it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't read many books about new babies to the kids. So I proceeded to order about thirty from the library, hopefully they'll arrive in the next few days. Fin, my four year old, seems to realize that I have a baby inside me but I'm not sure that he's connected that the baby will actually be coming out to live with us. Dul, my three year old, has absolutely no idea that the baby will be coming out. Both boys love to look at pictures of babies and they kiss my stomach all the time but I don't know that they'll connect the baby in Mama's tummy with the actual baby once it is born.

I'm thinking that I'll take the rest of this week to teach the boys about babies. Fin and I will learn how to spell some baby-related words, we'll all read the books together when they finally arrive, and we'll watch a few births online.

It is going to be pretty warm out today so I think I'll take the boys on a nature walk. If I can find my camera cord I'll take some pictures and try and post them.