Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Public School?

So I'm thinking of putting Fin in school. The plan was to homeschool but as time has gone on… I have to work, the Husband has to work, and daycare is not cheap, nor free. We don't use daycare as of yet but if we were to both obtain full-time employment during the day, daycare would be no joke with three kids. Plus if they'll be in daycare it might as well be school since school is just a big daycare anyway.

I checked out a school website today but it isn't clear on age requirements. This is apparently something that parents should just know. I'm guessing that with a winter birthday, four year old Fin would be in pre-kindergarten. I would have loved to put them both in school at the same time but I really doubt they'd allow Dul to go as he's only three and has a late winter birthday himself. I'm not sure how he'll adjust to being home by himself all day (I don't think pre-k is a half day thing at this school) but I guess we'll find out. I'm most worried about dropping off and picking up Fin. Right now with my overnight schedule it will be ok because I'm home during the day but if I were to go to days, it would become more complicated. Ah well, I guess I'll think of that when the time comes.

I wonder when the PTA meets?